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Blue Moon Milk - Pack of 2 packets

Blue Moon Milk - Pack of 2 packets

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Moon Milk is a hot drink from Ayurvedic traditions. It is typically made from a mixture of warm milk, honey and soothing spices.
The drink is used in the ancient holistic practice of Ayurveda as a remedy for lack of sleep and insomnia and is usually consumed before bed.

Its main benefits 💪:
- promotes sleep: action on falling asleep and quality of sleep;
- stress relief: calming effect, helps reduce stress and anxiety;
- balances hormones: adaptogenic properties that help restore hormonal imbalances (adrenal glands and thyroids);
- supports the immune system: boosts innate immunity for better body resistance.


Blue Moon Milk is a warm dairy product made from a mixture of warming and aromatic spices such as ginger, cinnamon and nutmeg. Ashwagandha and Butterfly Pea are the plants that give it its relaxing and soothing benefits. It is this last plant which gives it this characteristic and captivating blue color.

Preparation ⏱️: heat a glass of milk,
pour in your Blue Moon powder (and a little honey if necessary)

Taste: a delicious and unique taste close to a Chai latte, especially marked by the balanced blend of ginger, cinnamon and nutmeg.

Informations nutritionnelles

50 grams of a mixture of powder
Butterfly Pea, Ashwagandha (or ginseng
Indian), cinnamon, ginger and
All organic and produced by our farmers

Pourquoi choisir Another Tree ?

French company 🇫🇷, founded by a pharmacist

🌿 Impeccable quality:
Our Superfoods are grown and harvested in an artisanal way, by hand. All our farmers work organically and use traditional drying techniques (natural, in the shade).

👨‍🌾 Responsible production:
We select each partner farmer ourselves for their know-how and the quality of their production. There is no middleman, from the seed to you!

👫A united impact:
Our products are packaged by workers with disabilities in ESAT in France. They are also the ones who prepare and send all our packages.


Free delivery from 50€ in Metropolitan France, from 70€ in Europe and from 100€ for the rest of the world.

Delivery possible in:
🇫🇷 Metropolitan France 2 to 3 days via Colissimo
🇪🇺 Europe 2 to 5 working days
🌍 To the rest of the world 6 to 12 working days

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Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Romeo H

Bon, je dors un peu mieux qu'avant

Sylvia Carletti

J'adore le mélange d'épices mais je ne préfère pas le boire avant de me coucher car je risque de me lever plusieurs fois la nuit pour aller au toilette.


Très bon, très pratique à utiliser.


Why is Blue Moon Milk blue?

If Blue Moon Milk is blue, it is thanks to the presence of anthocyanins naturally present in Butterfly Pea flowers.

Indeed, the flavonic compounds of anthocyanin are responsible for the pigmentation of many fruits and vegetables such as blueberries or eggplants. This molecule will give a certain color depending on the acidity of the environment.

Is there sugar in Blue Moon Milk?

Our Blue Moon Milk does not contain sugar.
The powder is only composed of the 5 organic plants that compose it (butterfly pea flowers, ashwagandha, ginger, nutmeg and cinnamon).

Once in hot milk, you can then add the sweetener of your choice if necessary: ​​honey, sugar, maple syrup, etc.

When to drink Blue Moon Milk?

We advise you to drink your cup of Blue Moon Milk at least 1 hour before bedtime so that it can take effect.

What type of milk to drink with Blue Moon Milk?

You can drink any type of milk with Blue Moon Milk: both vegetable and animal!

Statut de Novel Food et Interdiction de vente en Europe

Le pois papillon est utilisé depuis très longtemps en Asie du Sud-Est, où la plante est consommée sous forme d’infusion ou utilisée comme colorant alimentaire.
L’Union Européenne l’a classé comme “Novel Food” (Nouvel aliment) et ne l’a pas autorisé au titre du règlement UE 2015/2283.
De ce fait, tous les produits à base de fleurs de pois papillon que ce soit les nôtres ou ceux d’autres fabricants ne sont plus commercialisables en France et en Europe. Nous rappelons donc nos produits uniquement en France et en Europe. Pour en savoir plus sur ce lien .