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Organic Red Hibiscus - Set of 4 packets

Organic Red Hibiscus - Set of 4 packets

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Hibiscus sabdariffa is a plant native to Africa and Asia. Mainly consumed as an infusion, it is known under the names “Roselle” in Thailand, Karkadé in Guinea or even “Bissap” in Senegal. This plant with multiple benefits is known to help regulate tension and promotes weight loss by avoiding water retention.

Its main benefits 💪:
- Helps lower blood pressure: Hibiscus is a natural remedy for those suffering from hypertension. Its most recognized virtue is its ability to lower blood pressure.
- Aids digestion: rich in mucilage, it is strongly recommended for the proper functioning of the intestine. Very effective against digestive disorders and constipation, Hibiscus infusion helps with transit and cleanses the digestive system (mild laxative).
- Diuretic effect: it fights against water retention and is effective on circulatory disorders (heavy legs, hemorrhoids).
- Antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and analgesic: fights urinary infections and inflammation of the respiratory tract, as well as menstrual pain by relaxing the uterine muscles.


Infused for a few minutes or prepared as a decoction for several hours, Red Hibiscus can be consumed as a simple infusion and goes perfectly with spices (pepper, cloves, cinnamon stick, vanilla), citrus fruits (lemon, orange ) or other aromatic plants (mint, ginger, etc.).

Red hibiscus is also the main ingredient of the famous "bissap": a Wolof term (language spoken in Senegal and Mauritania) referring to the infusion of Hibiscus sabdariffa.

To infuse ⏱️: 4 teaspoons for 3-5min in 1l of water.

Taste: our Red Hibiscus infusion has a slightly tangy taste with a subtle scent of red fruits. Surprisingly fruity, its flavor is close to cranberry with a touch of raspberry.

Informations nutritionnelles

50 grams of Red Hibiscus flowers
dried, harvested by hand in Thailand.

Pourquoi choisir Another Tree ?

French company 🇫🇷, founded by a pharmacist

🌿 Impeccable quality:
Our Superfoods are grown and harvested in an artisanal way, by hand. All our farmers work organically and use traditional drying techniques (natural, in the shade).

👨‍🌾 Responsible production:
We select each partner farmer ourselves for their know-how and the quality of their production. There is no middleman, from the seed to you!

👫A united impact:
Our products are packaged by workers with disabilities in ESAT in France. They are also the ones who prepare and send all our packages.


Free delivery from 50€ in Metropolitan France, from 70€ in Europe and from 100€ for the rest of the world.

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🇫🇷 Metropolitan France 2 to 3 days via Colissimo
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Customer Reviews

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J'avais peur d'un goût trop prononcé à mon goût et ce n'est pas le cas. J'aime beaucoup.

François Chasset

Tres doux

patricia regniez

tres bonne infusion je recommande


Is hibiscus poisonous?

Consuming a Hibiscus infusion is not dangerous for your health.

However, too high a consumption (beyond 10g/day) can damage your liver.
If you are hypertensive or diabetic, we advise you to consume moderately due to possible interactions with your medications.

It is best to seek advice from your doctor if in doubt.

Precautions for use:
We do not recommend consuming red hibiscus for people suffering from hypotension (low blood pressure).
We also do not recommend it for pregnant and/or breastfeeding women. This herbal tea can cause hormonal fluctuations during pregnancy but may also stimulate blood flow to the uterus.

When to consume Bissap infusion?

Red Hibiscus infusion can be drunk throughout the day. Depending on your desires (and the season), you can drink it hot or iced.

How much Bissap per day?

We recommend not exceeding 10g/day, or no more than 5 cups per day (at a rate of 2g/cup) if you are a heavy consumer.

Does Bissap make you lose weight?

Hibiscus is known for its draining and digestive properties and therefore slimming.

Red Hibiscus infusion acts on the way our body absorbs fats. This flower also has diuretic properties and therefore prevents water retention.